The Saudi Arabia coach talked about the rest of the team in less than 1 day

Coach Saad Alshehri of U23 Saudi Arabia highly appreciates U23 Vietnam, but is confident that his team will win the match tomorrow.

“We respect U23 Vietnam, but U23 Saudi Arabia will win to enter the semi-finals. We have the best preparation for the upcoming quarter-final,” coach Saad Alshehri said in a press conference today.

In the match against U23 Vietnam, U23 Saudi Arabia lost captain midfielder Saud Abdulhamid and midfielder Ibrahim Mahnashi because of a penalty card. Coach Saad Alshehri has called two more national players, striker Firas Al-Buraikan and midfielder Hassan Tambakti, to join the army.

This strategist expressed: “We already have 23 players. I’m happy they’re here. They will continue to familiarize themselves with the team and may enter the field in the second half. All the players are ready to continue playing as well as the group stage.”

Assessing U23 Vietnam, coach Saad Alshehri said: “Vietnam U23 is a quality team and deserves to be in this round. They are led by a Korean coach, with a playing style similar to Korea. Their players are quick, dexterous, well-coordinated and defend well. We will carefully study U23 Vietnam and come up with appropriate coping strategies.”

Coach Saad Alshehri also warned that U23 Saudi Arabia has fewer days off, but the quality of the players is very good and will definitely make U23 Vietnam hard.

The quarter-final match of the U23 Asian Cup between U23 Vietnam and U23 Saudi Arabia will take place at 9pm local time (23pm VN time) on June 12 at Lokomotiv Stadium, Tashkent city (Uzbekistan).

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