Defeating UAE Saudi Arabia meets U23 Vietnam in the quarterfinals of U23 Asia

U23 Saudi Arabia not too difficult to beat the UAE with a score of 2-0, thereby winning the right to the quarterfinals with the first place in Group D.

With the goal of winning to take the first place in the group, it is not surprising that U23 Saudi Arabia actively attacked from the first minutes. However, the first opportunities that “Blue Falcon” created towards the goal of UAE U23 were not so obvious.

In fact, if you’re lucky, U23 UAE is the team that opened the scoring first. In the 16th minute, Ahmad Abdulla Jamil and Hussain Mahdi had 2 consecutive shots that hit the goal post. Then in the 43rd minute, it was Saudi Arabia U23’s turn to be denied a goal when Haitham Asiri put the ball in the net but had previously let the ball touch his hand.

In the second half, U23 UAE was suddenly the better team with sharp attacks. However, when they had the advantage, this team had to concede a goal. The indiscretion in the defense of the UAE helped Yahya Ahmed to comfortably escape to face the goalkeeper and finish the match opener.

Minutes later, U23 Saudi Arabia actively played slowly to preserve the lead. “Blue Falcon” also received a big advantage when the captain of U23 UAE received a red card directly and was sent off the field. In the last minutes of the match, U23 Saudi Arabia had another goal on the penalty spot thanks to Saud Abdulhamid’s goal.

Winning with a score of 1-0 against UAE, U23 Saudi Arabia officially continued with the first place in Group D. “Blue Falcon” has the same 7 points as Japan U23 but slightly better in goal difference. . This also means that U23 Saudi Arabia will be the opponent of U23 Vietnam in the quarterfinals.


U23 Saudi Arabia entered the final match in Group D with a lot of advantages. The West Asian team has the same 4 points with Japan but is temporarily ranked above in terms of difference. With the current results in this group, U23 Saudi Arabia only needs to draw to be sure to continue.

However, U23 Saudi Arabia will definitely want to be first in the group if they want to avoid having to clash with defending champion Korea U23 right from the quarterfinals. A winning result against U23 UAE with any score will definitely help “Blue Eagles” protect their first place in the table.

Of course, UAE U23 is not an easy opponent to beat. However, not having the strongest force made them appear to be inferior compared to U23 Saudi Arabia and U23 Japan. U23 UAE can be considered to be in a corner when it is imperative to beat U23 Saudi Arabia to have a ticket to continue.

If they win against the UAE, U23 Saudi Arabia will advance to the quarterfinals as the top team of Group D and the opponent of U23 Vietnam. Both pursue a fast and dedicated attacking style, the upcoming match between U23 UAE and U23 Saudi Arabia promises to have many goals scored.

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