U23 Vietnam has benefited greatly in the quarterfinals of U23 Asia

After passing the group stage, U23 Vietnam will have a great advantage in the quarter-finals of the AFC U23 Championship 2022, promising to bring about positive results against a strong opponent.

U23 Vietnam became the pride of Southeast Asia when it was the only representative to participate in the quarterfinals of the AFC U23 Championship 2022. A convincing 2-0 victory over Malaysia U23 helped teachers and coaches Gong Oh Kyun proudly win. tickets to continue, and at the same time set an “unprecedented” record in the continental arena.

Participating in the round of 8 strongest teams with the second place in Group C, U23 Vietnam will face the top team of Group D in the quarterfinals of U23 Asia. With an unpredictable scenario in Group D, U23 Vietnam’s opponent in the Quarterfinals is likely to be a “superpower” opponent in the continent, although it can only be determined exactly after the last match on the evening of June 9.

However, U23 Vietnam will still have a great advantage in the quarter-finals of the AFC U23 Championship 2022 even though they have not played yet. Accordingly, Bui Hoang Viet Anh and his teammates will have a mental “fulcrum” when they continue to compete at Lokomotiv Stadium (Tashkent) after winning 2 very impressive results here.

Specifically, after dropping three unfortunate points against Thailand U23 in the opening match at Bunyodkor Stadium, U23 Vietnam moved to Lokomotiv Stadium and created an earthquake that held a 1-1 draw in front of the defending champion U23 Korea. , then beat Malaysia U23 2-0 to officially win the next ticket.

Continuing to play at Lokomotiv Stadium (Tashkent) will also help U23 Vietnam save travel effort and preserve fitness for an important match. It is known that teachers and coaches Gong Oh Kyun will play the quarter-final match on June 12, so U23 Vietnam will also have the advantage of having more rest than the top team in Group D for a day.

With the achievement of participating in the quarterfinals of the AFC U23 Championship 2022, U23 Vietnam received a hot prize from the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF). Sharing before the knockout round, captain midfielder Bui Hoang Viet Anh said: “In my opinion, right from the beginning of the tournament, we set the goal of winning each match.

Now we have accomplished our goal of getting through the group stage. We will try to play well in the quarterfinals, as a gift to the fans in Uzbekistan and U23 Vietnam who have watched and supported the home team.”

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